Media Monitoring Insights into the Indonesia President Election 2019

As voters prepared to head to the polls, the candidates on the campaign trail faced increasing scrutiny, and that scrutiny does not stop after inauguration. IndexPolitica's Indonesia President Election 2019 Web Monitor is develop by IndexPolitica Researcher Team since 2012. Instrument that enable to crawling, collecting, analyzing and mapping digital information about Indonesia President Election 2019.

President Candidate 2019

Which candidates earned the greatest Share of Voice ? Share of Voice is a volume of conversation in social media and Share of Netizen is a unique user whose take a conversation. With sentiment analysis, we can capture the tone of conversation.

Social Network

The Social Network Analysis (SNA) is used to identify the Community: How big is the connection in the network, What are the important things in the network, Whose enters the network and How is information flow in the network.

Social Network Jokowi - Ma'ruf Amin

Social Network Prabowo - Sandiaga Uno

Word Cloud

Word Cloud or Text Cloud are visual representation of text data that make it easy to spot the frequency of keyword. Helping to identify key of issue, trend and opinions and are a staple part of generating social media intelligence.

Wordcloud Jokowi - Ma'ruf Amin

Wordcloud Network Prabowo - Sandiaga Uno

Online Media Mainstream Monitoring

How did media perceive this 2019 presidential race ? monitoring and analyzing the articles of online media mainstream in Indonesia. Processing these diverse content stream yield more than 100.000 relevant document per month taked from 20 national online media mainstream. Automated knowledge extraction algorithm then classify and enrich the collected document and measure the media sentiment for example, by associating candidate references with positive, neutral and negative opinion.